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Silf Cricket

#MeToo & the key takeaways for employers

The #MeToo movement has created a seismic cultural shift in society's awareness of the widespread problem of sexual harassment and assault in business, media, entertainment and government.

International Commercial Arbitration

This annual conference seeks to create a highly interactive environment and lively debate among arbitrators, legal practitioners, in-house counsel and academics who wish to learn more about developments in international dispute resolution.

IBA's Annual Conference

The 2019 Annual Conference will be held in Seoul, South Korea, a thriving metropolis that mixes the traditional with the modern – from skyscrapers, high-tech subways, K-pop culture and K-beauty to Buddhist temples, palaces and street markets and a history going back 5,000 years.

The 4th CARTAL Conference on International Arbitration (NLU Jodhpur, India)

The upcoming 4th CARTAL Conference’s theme is “Navigating Murky Waters: Addressing Uncertainties in International Arbitration”. The two-day conference will see various leading practitioners and academicians come together and discuss new developments and trends in the practice of international arbitration.


Turf Sports Management is a leading sports management company in New Delhi. We at Turf, organize sports Events, International inbound and outbound sports tours, conduct academies and offer grounds for bookings.

India International Dispute Meet

Attend #TIIDM2019 and you will come away smarter,more connected, better able to tackle your dispute challenges through newly discovered knowledge, resources and connections.

ALB India Law Awards 2020

Asian Legal Business (ALB) is proud to present the 2nd edition of ALB India Law Awards in February, 2020 at Mumbai, India.


By adopting a precautionary approach to crisis management, businesses can get ahead of potentially destructive narratives and better manage inescapable collateral damages.

SIAC India Webinar: Evolution of Arbitration in India and Singapore: Perspectives from the Bench

National courts play an important role in the arbitration process and the approach of the judiciary towards arbitration-related matters determines to a large extent the popularity of the jurisdiction as a seat of arbitration.In this webinar, we are honoured to invite esteemed members of the judiciary from India and Singapore to share their perspectives on how the arbitral landscape in both countries has evolved over the years, how the courts perceive their role as guardians of the arbitral process in their supervisory role as national courts at the seat of arbitration, as well as recent arbitration-related judgments emanating from these jurisdictions.