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Mission & Goals


Society of Indian Law Firms was formed with the purpose of bringing together the commercial, corporate and litigation law firms, to promote and protect/safeguard the interests of the legal profession in general and the law firms in particular and create an atmosphere that will enable Indian law firms to match the technology, manpower skill and the infrastructure that most of the foreign law firms possess.


To promote reforms in justice and law and their healthy development to suit the social and economic needs of the people, SILF intends to put to use the extensive wealth of legal knowledge and experience that the member firms have garnered over the years;

To promote the welfare of corporate, commercial, and litigation law firms as well as upholding of the dignity, honor, and independence of the legal profession and law firms;

To encourage the development of good relations between law firms (on one side) and the Bench, the Bar, the public, and lawyers from different nations (on the other);

To promote unity and solidarity among the various firms throughout India;

To encourage and conduct research in legal and allied fields, promoting legal education & continuing legal education (CLE), promoting and providing legal aid and assistance to the needy, preservation of Human Rights and redressal for violation of the same;

To work with other national and international societies, institutions, and organizations as well as promote international understanding and cooperation;

Promote publication of works on law, for the benefit of the entire legal community